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Miss Hope

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Montauk Racquet Club

Kirk, you are a wonderful person! Californian and Norwegian and Montaukian! Let's plan a wooden racket tennis party?

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The Tuxedo Club is the only club in the world that is home to all five major racquet sports.
Just as I was about to hit a winner, Christian raced to the net yelling lalalalalala hands up in the air to scare me :) Startled, I hit the ball to the net. Point, game, set, lost... He won not only...

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Wimbledon Whites

I don't know who I would like to dress for Wimbledon... I don't see real champions. Sorry. But let's try to enjoy the games anyway.
Ipek Soylu, I'm waiting for you!!!

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What to Wear to Wimbledon

White keeps you cool in the sun.


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